Someone using photocopier Do You Want to Be Remembered for Your Photocopying?

What do you want to be remembered for after you’ve left an organisation? One senior leader told me a story of getting feedback on one of his team members, let’s call him Bill, who was quiet and did not interact much with his colleagues. It was hard to find people to give input for his […]

Child selling at a morning market Why Steve Jobs Was Wrong About Salespeople

How Companies Decline The rich and sprawling biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson contains a host of quotes which reveal Jobs’ passions, beliefs and biases including this comment on the decline of companies: The company does a great job, innovates and becomes a monopoly or close to it in some field, and then the […]

How to Apply McKinsey’s Context-based Leadership to your Team or Company

Here is a 4-minute long video to introduce the idea of context-based leadership, present a simple way to create it, and illustrate how it can help make your leadership more relevant.   The full McKinsey article this blog references is here.

Four Ways to Avoid Causing Offence with your Mobile

We have different ideas on what is acceptable mobile phone in business meetings. Below is a 2 minute video which describes four ways to avoid causing offence to others.    

magic question customer experience The Magic Question Which Improves your Customer Experience

Like many businessmen and women I travel and will often find myself in a new city with an evening to kill. As a food lover I go out and find a reasonable restaurant and have settled on a method to get a decent meal, and realised that it really improves the customer experience I have. […]

How your business can escape from ‘The Everyday Box’

It’s a worthwhile exercise to ask yourself if your life has turned out the way you expected it to – especially in your entrepreneurial life. If you ask yourself “How is my Business really doing?”, then how do you measure it? Turnover, Service, Employee number, growth, competition, money, your life-style? Nowadays we are expected to […]

New Apex Discovery Introduction Video

To help people understand what we do in under 60 seconds I’ve recorded a new video:   Please share it! Alasdair Graham

How to be a leadership catalyst

D A Henderson, Head of the WHO programme that eradicated smallpox “I was reading about this guy who showed incredible leadership,” began Hugh, and I knew exactly who he meant. Although Hugh lives near Montreal and I live in London, both of us had locked on to a leadership story about Donald Ainslie Henderson, an […]

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