Our Approach

We would begin by having an exploration session to understand what you are looking for. If one-to-one coaching would fit your needs best then it’s important to have a chemistry session with the coachee(s) to establish rapport before we start. We’d use a coaching agreement to ensure the goals and progress are clear.

A larger program, such as a series of leadership workshops, would typically follow the steps below:

  • Initial short review with outline action plan
  • Concise proposal describing approach, tools and milestones
  • Definition of success criteria and progress monitoring

The activities will adapt to your needs and can draw on the expertise of different associates and networks in a flexible style. The benefits you would receive include:

  • Highly customer-orientated and tailored service using adaptable techniques
  • Business analysis and financial modelling complement market analysis tools to identify key areas
  • Expertise of varied industries, functions and organisations through a team of associates
  • Clear focus on elements which will deliver measurable business value
  • Flexible approach – ranging from 2-3 days per week to 1-2 days per month
“Alasdair’s leadership, drive and dedication to embed fundamental understanding initiatives has been paramount in delivering value from both existing processes and from new process development projects. His ease in collaborating across all levels of the organisation has been pivotal in making this happen. I’ve benefited from receiving coaching sessions from him on high visibility projects and his clear, pragmatic and enthusiastic support have allowed these projects to achieve the high impact that was being sought. This was achieved by his trust in granting autonomy and encouraging empowerment to own and deliver on the projects.” Sanj Sharma, Senior Process Technologist, Infineum