Training Courses

Training courses can be designed to meet your specific needs in an experiential and engaging manner. Offerings include:

  • How to lead your team effectively in different situations
  • Using competency-based interviewing to recruit the right people for the role
  • Understanding the way buyers think and work, and selecting your response
  • Improving your negotiation skills, styles and tactics
  • Managing business uncertainty with scenario planning
  • How to create market-relevant prices through value analysis
  • Transferring knowledge from experts to the broader organisation using Cognitive Task Analysis

“At ILS we engaged the services of Apex Discovery Ltd to help us improve our sales and marketing both operationally and strategically. The course was a huge success and all participants came away with a clear understanding of how to improve day-to-day sales and marketing as well as with some very practical tools to use to assist us in improving our strategic, long-term sales and pricing goals. It was frankly a fun course to participate in.

I would highly recommend Apex Discovery. Alasdair has a unique combination of technical skills combined with purchasing experience and excellent inter-personal communication abilities.” Anton Nagy, Founder and CEO, Integrated Lab Solutions