Coaching & Development Solutions


Coaching can support you as you:

  • Enhance performance levels or increase your skill set
  • Reduce work-related stress or improve work-life balance
  • Change your relationships with your co-workers or manager

A Practitioner Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching provides the assurance of accreditation from the International Coach Federation and European Mentoring and Coaching Council. We follow a supportive approach which increases the insight in the topic chosen, and often deepens the client's self-perception. Challenge is used appropriately to aid the client in reaching their objectives, and explore how to overcome blockers from the system. Throughout the process the coaching programme will focus on reaching the goals which mean the most to you.

Tracey Hancock, Fundraising Manager at Sue Ryder

"The benefits I've received from coaching have been huge. It's given me an opportunity to step out of my role and really think about what's going on. It's an opportunity for me to talk about ways to constantly improve what I'm doing. This has enriched me as a leader. The organisation is getting a much more focussed, efficient and well managed team. For anyone thinking of working with Apex Discovery I would say absolutely do it - It's hugely valuable. It's hugely important to give yourself the time and space to work with someone who can really help you to draw out the things that you're going through. I've gained a massive amount from it." 

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Francesca Fogell, General Manager of Resolve Mediation

"I've found the coaching really useful and helpful to get the perspectives of some of the problems I've had within my new role, perspectives on team dynamics, and focus on what I want to achieve in the strategy. Having a session before my strategy day was really helpful to make the most from it. Coaching from Apex Discovery has helped me as a manager find a new perspective and made my time in the office and time with the team more strategic. It's definitely worthwhile taking some time to find how coaching with Apex Discovery can help you. Alasdair has creative solutions to help you think outside the box and get a new perspective on problems."

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