Coaching & Development Solutions

Ian Munro

How I Could Help You

  • Coaching at board and senior management level addressing performance and effectiveness issues
  • Pragmatic hands-on approach leading to effective change
  • Quickly establishing positive relationships for stronger inter-team working
  • Knowledge base from being an executive and non-executive director addresses key structural issues
  • Reputation as a problem-solver and trouble shooter
  • Puts parties together leveraging his extensive network of contacts across the private and public sector

My Background

For over twenty years Ian has been coaching at board and senior management level addressing performance and effectiveness issues. Many of his clients operate internationally. Today he is a non-executive director of three companies and an executive director of two. Ian calls on an extensive networks of highly experienced and skilled professionals as part of his broad networking activities in the UK.

He has worked in financial services, B2B services, telecommunications, energy, construction, logistics, healthcare, media, consultancy, and the voluntary sectors.

Outside Work

Ian enjoys playing golf and keeping fit, and has published a series of "how to" books aimed at individual development and business improvements.

For More Information

Visit my LinkedIn page.

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