Coaching & Development Solutions

Michael Moriarty

How I Could Help You

  • Individual coaching to support you, whether new to leadership, or advancing to greater responsibility
  • Bespoke leadership development workshops and programmes to create a high-performance culture through full team and employee engagement
  • Workshops and programmes to align your company's culture with its strategy in order to create the optimum conditions for high performance
  • Team coaching to support new teams and those facing tough challenges
  • Individual coaching to support those leading change, or subject to it

My Background

My first career of 20 years was in the British Army. I led soldiers through training in new roles, to operations at all levels from platoon to battalion. Subsequently, I was programme director of Eurostar's preparations for the opening of Britain's first high speed railway, which provided challenges of a different nature. Leaving to help the Afghans re-establish their Football Association after 20 years of war resulted in an extraordinarily rich cultural experience which emphasised the centrality of personal relationships in achieving success in any endeavour. Involvement in several start-ups followed before I spent several years leading operational interventions to turn around failing businesses for a private equity partnership. My current role as an executive coach and leadership development specialist allows me to bring this rich tapestry of experience to bear in service of my clients.

Outside Work

I am passionate about art: experiencing it and creating it. I'm particularly interested in what it is that makes people creative and how they handle their creativity. The absolute compulsion that drives truly creative people, sometimes to destruction, intrigues me. Oh, and I have a lurcher – an inspiration for my own creativity and occasionally a liability!

For More Information

Visit my LinkedIn page.

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