Coaching & Development Solutions

Our Approach

We would begin by having an exploration session to understand what you are looking for. If one-to-one coaching would fit your needs best then it's important to have a chemistry session with the coachee(s) to establish rapport before we start. We'd use a coaching agreement to ensure the goals and progress are clear.

A larger program, such as a series of leadership workshops, would typically follow the steps below:

  • Initial short review with outline action plan
  • Concise proposal describing approach, tools and milestones
  • Definition of success criteria and progress monitoring

The activities will adapt to your needs and can draw on the expertise of different associates and networks in a flexible style. The benefits you would receive include:

  • Highly customer-orientated and tailored service using adaptable techniques
  • Business analysis and financial modelling complement market analysis tools to identify key areas
  • Expertise of varied industries, functions and organisations through a team of associates
  • Clear focus on elements which will deliver measurable business value
  • Flexible approach – ranging from 2-3 days per week to 1-2 days per month

Alistair Morrell, Strategic Market & Distribution Consultant

"Alasdair's calming style and the leadership in the coaching helped me organise my own thoughts and plan a new business situation, which, in turn, led to wholehearted positive client commentary. I have no hesitation in recommending Alasdair to help coaching small business owners or managers through new situations."

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