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Training courses can be designed to meet your specific needs in an experiential and engaging manner including:

  • Improving your team's performance
  • Avoiding projects overrunning on time or money
  • Getting the best deal from a negotiation 
  • Managing business uncertainty with scenario planning
  • Using competitive intelligence to create market-relevant prices 
  • Selecting the right values for your company 

Ken Macnamara, COO of Synpromics

"I'd looked at Project Management courses and generally been underwhelmed by almost all of them. The Apex Discovery program covered everything I was looking for and more. It got everyone on the same page and I'm really pleased with the engagement. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive." 

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Rosheen Caw, Director of Business Administration for Synpromics

"We've had really positive feedback from the team on how the program brought together different people in our organisation who wouldn't normally work together. Apex Discovery offered something much more interactive to the other suppliers we looked at and they more than met the learning outcomes we agreed up front. We've seen many other spin off benefits from working with Apex Discovery." 

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Adrian Stuart, Performance Fuels Sales Executive for Haltermann Carless

"I've been on a few courses and some of them have tame, maybe boring - death by PowerPoint. Whereas Apex Discovery got everyone involved,  really good mixing of the group, and took me out of my comfort zone. It was very interactive and my confidence is at a much higher point. You won't regret working with them. " 

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